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Printable Monthly Habit Tracker Planner Template

Get into Habit Tracking Easily with 30 Days Habit Tracker Printable Templates

Getting into the zone of developing a new habit? Well, it’s indeed a welcoming idea to do that. But do you know tracking your new habit is as important as the idea of developing a habit? Tracking reflects that you do not only care about starting but you also try to be consistent in your actions. Though it may seem like a very trivial task, it pays you off in the long term. 

Generally, people want to get out of their comfort zone and give themselves 30-day challenge. It helps them set a new routine and improve themselves in whatever way they have aimed for. But a lot of people also fall flat in their aspirations to follow new habits. And the responsible reasons are irregularity, procrastination, laziness, and many more. Therefore, keeping an eye on the progress of habit formation is imperative for people. And 30-day habit tracker printable templates are best to resort to.

Printable Monthly Habit Tracker

Download the blank printable habit tracker in PNG format.

Printable Monthly Habit Tracker Template

This blog will shed light on how you can get into the zone of tracking your habits and how to do it right? 

How to Develop the Habit of Using Your Habit Tracker? 

A lot of people may resist the idea of using trackers as it does not make sense in every situation or for every person. People who have very mismanaged schedules in different location may find it hard to use trackers but most people can stick to them if they have the determination to build new habits. 

What can we do to make habit tracking easier?

  • Make sure that manual tracking is limited to your most important habits. Tracking one habit that is better than tracking ten at the same time. For better results, you should limit to three or four habits maximum at a time. 
  • Keep a record of each activity you do immediately. If you put it off until tomorrow you might miss doing that. Moreover, recording on an immediate basis gives a great level of satisfaction and motivation. 

How to Recover Quickly When Your Habits Break Down? 

You should avoid breaking down habits. There should be a sense of determination, motivation, and consistency to fulfill your goals. However, if you break down your habit due to some emergency then that can be understood. There can sometimes be emergencies like traveling for work, getting sick, and any other thing. So this is not in your hands to escape such scenarios so you must not feel disappointed rather you should remember that you do not have to miss twice. 

If you miss one day, it’s ok, try to get back to it at the earliest possible. But if you somehow missed it twice then it’s a sign of alarm. You should know that the first mistake never spoils you rather it’s the second one that spoils you. So refrain from such habits.

31 Day Habit Tracker Printable

For How Long Do I Need to Track My Habits?

As per the studies, generally, it takes between 30 days and 100 days to develop a habit. However, it also depends on your effort and dedication level and how long you continue with it. You might take at least 30 days to develop a habit but it becomes much easier when you have continued for 30 days. After that, you may have to put in relatively less effort than before. But efforts are required on your side forever if you do not want to end the streak. 

Does Habit Tracking Templates Help? 

Yes, habit tracking templates help. They are great reminders to pursue a task you have aimed for. Forgetting things especially when you are busy is a very common practice, however, these trackers do not let you forget what is important for you. 

Moreover, the tracker sets a streak of the record and motivates you to continue with your habit development. If you stick to your habit for quite some time, then you get motivation by looking at your progress. You can see where you started and how far you have come. 

Not only that, these trackers are easy to use and stick to so there is no problem in tracking your habits.

Habit Tracker Printable

Develop A New Habit Now With the Help of Habit Trackers! 

When having the resolution to make a good change in your life by developing some good habits then you must resort to habit trackers. These trackers make you more disciplined and organized and help you keep a closer look at your progress. 

Download these printable 30 days habit tracker templates right away. These printables are available in pdf and jpg formats and are of high quality.

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