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2023 Monthly Calendar Printable Monday Start

Want a yearly blank 2023 monthly calendar template? Here we have shared the templates with classic and modern layout at a glance.

We’re already well into 2023, so if you’re looking to get organised for the remaining months, we have just what you need. Our quick and efficient 2023 free printable calendar is here to help you plan ahead. These blank templates are fully customizable to fit your specific needs.

Feel free to edit these 2023 monthly calendars in any way you choose before printing. Alternatively, you can simply print them out as they are and start filling in your schedule right away.

We’re offering two formats for your convenience: PNG and PDF. Both are easy to edit and print, making your yearly planning for 2023 a breeze.

If you’re specifically interested in 2023 monthly calendar templates, keep reading. We’ll delve into the details of each month’s layout in the sections that follow.

2023 Calendar Printable One Page

Time to organize yourself! Get a 2023 calendar printable one page for your desk. Use these calendars to create your schedule for any occasion, birthdays, work schedules, and more. Customize and personalize it as per your choice. There are several choices of layouts and designs to select the right one for you. 

2023 Monthly Calendar (Monday Start)

Calendars are essential to help plan out the work in advance and when we are doing it. Everyone relies upon the calendar for their daily, monthly, and yearly schedules or meetings to events with friends, family, and professional acquaintances.

Let’s go over the benefits and uses of printable 2023 Calendar Template: 

  • They are great for everything from keeping track of the tasks and appointments to having a clear picture of what is to happen in the upcoming months.
  • Have reminders of events from your professional and personal life. Track important dates, birthdays, anniversaries, or holidays. 
  • Include most common deadlines for paying bills and taxes on the blank spaces for dates. Professionals make use of this to ensure paying taxes on time. A business person can make use of at least six months’ calendar to plan his days and commitments ahead.
  • Never miss the opportunity of any event or beneficial date.

2023 Monthly Calendar Printable

Want to have an overview of the 2023 monthly calendar printable? Let’s take a look at each month one by one:

January 2023 Calendar Printable

January is the first month of the calendar, named after the God of transformation and beginnings, Janus. In Latin, Janurias is the month of Janus, it was added to the calendar in 719 BC with 29 days as King Noma Pompillius was taken on the Lunar calendar. The month is dedicated to the Holy Name of Jesus, celebrated generally on the 3rd of January. 

Have this January 2023 Calendar printable on your desk to plan your January days. 

January 2023 Calendar

February 2023 Calendar Printable

February, the second month of the Gregorian calendar as well as the Julian calendar. This is the only month with less than 30 days. Named after the Latin name, “Februum”, which means to purify because the month is considered as the time for purification. It was during the ancient Roman Lobrcalia when goatskin thongs were used for purification rituals taking place in this month and earned its name “Februarius”.

Get yourself a February 2023 calendar printable to plan out your dates, occasions, events, and more.

February 2023 Calendar

March 2023 Calendar Printable

The month of March derived its name from the Roman God of War. For several years, March was marked as the month of onset of spring, and the beginning of New Year. Most people in Europe still consider the third month of the Gregorian calendar, March, to be the beginning of a new year. Great Britain marked 25th March as the onset of the New Year. There are about 31 days in the month of March. 

Take the March 2023 calendar printable to plan out your dates, occasions, events, and more.

March 2023 Calendar

April 2023 Calendar Printable

The fourth month of the Gregorian Calendar and the second month to the start of Summer, April consists of 30 days. In 450 BCE, this month was declared as “the fourth month of the calendar”. It was when January was made to be the first month of the New year. Easter unusually falls in the month of April. Huge celebrations on Easter days are done to commemorate the death and resurrection of Jesus. The Eggs are used as a symbol to represent “life”.

Print your favorite April 2023 calendar template now!

April 2023 Calendar

May 2023 Calendar Printable

The third and the last month for the Spring season is May. The starting and the ending weeks for this month are the same as that of the November month. According to the Gregorian calendar, this is the fifth month and has 31 days. In the older versions of the calendar, it was put in the third but, after a few years, as the month was set to begin from January, it was regarded as fifth. 

Get yourself May 2023 calendar printable and start editing in no time!

May 2023 Calendar

June 2023 Calendar Printable

June got its name from a Roman word, Julian. Formerly named Lucius, the June month in the Gregorian calendar initially only had 29 days. But, then Julius Caesar added 30 days to the month. June marks the beginning of the Summer months in most countries. It is also the birth month of the flower rose to represent a symbol of peace and devotion. 

Plan out your favorite dates and occasions with June 2023 calendar printable.

June 2023 Calendar

July 2023 Calendar Printable

July is the fifth month of the year, but since the inclusion of the first two months, January and February in 450 BCE, it became the seventh. The month of July gets its unique name from the Latin word meaning fifth. It was initially “the long stretch of Quintillis” according to the Roman Calendar. The name of the month was changed to Julius, to pay tribute to Julius Caesar who was reportedly conceived on July 12. 

Download your July 2023 calendar printable and note down your reminders.

July 2023 Calendar

August 2023 Calendar Printable

The eighth month of the Gregorian calendar and Julian calendar is also the last summer month. With 31 days in it, it is the 5th month to have the entire 31 days in it. Previously, August was known as the ‘Sextilis” according to the Roman Calendar because it was the sixth month as per their calendar in 753 BC, under the Romulus.

Easy to download and edit August 2023 calendar printable for professional and personal planning.

August 2023 Calendar

September 2023 Calendar Printable

September is the 9th month in both Gregorian and Julian Calendar. There are in total 4 months with 30 days in them and September is the third of them. Season-wise, in the case of the Northern Hemisphere, this month is equivalent to the month of March in the South Hemisphere. In the Southern Hemisphere, this is the beginning of the meteorological spring. It is also marked as the beginning of the ecclesial year according to the Orthodox Eastern Church. 

Download the September 2023 calendar printable and forget the hassle of forgetting dates.

September 2023 Calendar

If you’re enjoying our 2023 monthly calendar and are already planning ahead for the next year, we have great news for you! Our website also offers a printable 2024 monthly calendar that you can easily download and use for your personal or professional needs. With its simple, clear design and plenty of space for notes and reminders, our 2024 calendar is the perfect tool for staying organized and on top of your schedule. So don’t wait – head over to our website and grab your 2024 monthly calendar printable today!

October 2023 Calendar Printable

October is the tenth month in both Julian and Gregorian calendars, October is the sixth of the seven months in the year with 31 days. Before the addition of the first two months, January and February, October was the eighth month of the year or calendar. In old Latin, the month was originally called “Octo”, meaning “eighth”. In the Northern Hemisphere, October is the second month of the fall season and marks the beginning of spring months in the Southern Hemisphere.

Stay a month ahead of October with the easiest October 2023 calendar printable.

October 2023 Calendar

November 2023 Calendar Printable

November is the eleventh month of the year according to the Gregorian Calendar and was regarded as the ninth month of the Roman Calendar. It gets its name from a Latin word, “ Novem”, which means “nine”. When January and February were added to the calendar, it became the 11th month of the year. November was regarded as the “Blood Month” by the old Saxtons because those were the months when the creatures were relinquished to their divine beings. 

Download November 2023 calendar printable to improve your efficiency at work.

November 2023 Calendar

December 2023 Calendar Printable

December is the twelfth and the last month of the both Julian calendar and Gregorian calendar. It derives its name from a Latin word, “ Decem”, which means ten. It is one of the seven months with 31 days in it. The weeks of December begin similar to that of September and finish on a day similar to that of April. This month marks itself as the month with limited hours of light of the year in the case of the Northern Hemisphere. 

Have the December 2023 calendar printable to plan out your dates, occasions, events, and more.

December 2023 Calendar

All of these printable calendar templates are available to download online in PNG format. You can also print the yearly calendar in high-quality PDF format. Please contact us if you require a different calendar format, such as JPG, Excel, or Word. Use our printable monthly and yearly calendars to plan your schedule, meetings, and holidays. It can help a person to organize his life in a better way.

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